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Nathalia, story of the year picture Brazil

Since my teenage years, I enjoyed working with kids. This is one of the reasons that I started and finished studying music education. For someone who loves music and the favorite movie being "The Sound of Music", I came to the decision that I want to visit Austria. As I knew that such a travel would be expensive, I was looking for ways to afford a stay in the country of my dreams.

A friend of mine explained the concept of au pair to me and I instantly got hooked. I started joining groups on social networks and tried a few websites but I did not succeed in finding a family in Austria. Eventually I found "Aupair Valley" and got in contact with a single mother named Andrea who has two wonderful girls. We got along very well while chatting and we then gave our mutual commitment only a few weeks after we connected. Shortly after I started preparing for the travel and arranging my visa.

A few weeks passed and the day of my travel finally came. Nervously, but also very excited a stepped into the plane and arrived 14 hours later in Vienna. When I arrived at the aiport in Vienna, Andrea already waited for me there and picked me up. On the drive from the airport to her house, I could already get a small impression of the city and it looked as beautiful as I imagined. Around 30 minutes later, I finally got to see her kids and they seemed at least as excited to meet me too. While the German language was very difficult to me, I managed to exchange some words and my enthusiasm to them. I was shown around the house and spend the first evening cooking Pizza together with Andrea and the kids.

Days after days passed and I could already collect many amazing memories and got to see the beauty of Vienna. We also traveled to areas outside of Vienna and I got to see other faszinating parts of Austria. Andrea and the girls already considered me as a part of the family and we also spend time together in my free-time. I also gave the kids piano lessons as they were eager to learn an instrument and they were very ambitious about it.

When the contract ended I was full of tears when I had to say goodbye to this amazing family. But no matter how hard it was to say goodbye it is luckily nowadays still possible to stay in contact with social media and I am more than happy to have had that experience.

Thank you Andrea, your kids and "Aupair Valley" for the possibly best year of my life