Realm and Device Sync

Realm and Device Sync played an essential role in the development of our application. It provides an intiutive, mobile-first approach to seamlessly connect to a variety of services like authentication and a database (MongoDB). Without their amazing service and support, developing Aupair Valley would have not been possible.


Flutter is just a game changer for mobile applications on the market. By only writing code once, we were able to develop an application for Android and iOS. Backed by Google, Flutter is definitely the best option when developing cross-platform applications. It's intuitivity and simplicity make it stand out from the competition.


Flutter and Firebase work very well together. We have used Firebase on a past project and are still very happy about it. For Aupair Valley we decided to use "Realm and Device Sync", but Firebase is however still used for phone authentication, the storage for photos as well as for sending notifications.

Honorable Mentions

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